About Petite Beaute’

Petite Beaute’ is a pioneer of children’s fragrance by catering to the taste level of the higher end market.

The brand was born in 2015 in USA.

Our experienced team in manufacturing, marketing, product design and development gives us all the tools to provide fine department and specialty stores products with a common marketing approach, merchandised in custom built display fixtures, in the form of a rollable display by keeping all brands literally “under one roof”.

“Petite Beaute’ is a united brand logo which represents a wide assortment of the most recognized children’s characters from around the world.

 “Petite Beaute” is a one stop shop which will house Petite Beaute’s and a wide assortment of the most recognized licensed children’s characters from around the world in category of fragrance, bath and body products.

Our product is Made in the USA, manufactured in ISO certified factories and comply with European regulation. Our product developers creates featuring custom made 3D bottles for fragrance and bath products, as well as, a special premiere collection for premium stores which makes our products unique and well-known all over the world.

Identify of the company

DESIRE FRAGRANCES B. V. extra trade name PETITE BEAUTE’ established in 2017 in the Netherlands:


Legal address: Ada Byronweg 17, Roermond, 6045 GM, THE NETHERLANDS

The customer service is available 24/7 via email or via phone number (M-F from 9 am – 6 pm )

Chamber of Commerce number: 69053952

VAT: NL 8577.07.802.B.01


Website: www.desirefragrances.net | www.petitebeaute.com

DESIRE FRAGRANCES B. V.  extra trading name Petite Beaute’ is a subsidiary of USA corporation Desire Fragrances Inc d/b/a Petite Beaute’ which is located in New York City and California. This is a full service company which has an experienced team in license sourcing, product packaging & design development, manufacturing, marketing and international distribution. 

  • We offer a full range of services for creating and manufacturing products, from A to Z, and more;
  • Our team members are experienced in license sourcing and have working relationships with major licensing companies around the world. Every year, we visit major licensing shows in North America and Europe to update our contacts and learn more about new brands and properties; 
  • Our design team is based in Europe, along with product developers and mold makers. We use a strategic approach when it comes to any project. Our designers create a sketch based on technical and manufacturing aspects, and then use advanced 3D software.  This allows us to present the finished product design to the client and receive immediate feedback. In some cases, such as the submission of the project for licensing approval, our designers have expertise in facilitating the approval process;
  • Our mold makers execute 3D mock ups with high quality precision, using advanced technology including 3D printers and special handmade finishing, to make the product as realistic as possible;
  • Our product developers will also contribute to the manufacturing process, including molds and components, until the project is ready for production;
  • Our product developers will assist you at every step in the process by interacting with factories all over the world and securing the best possible quote for your project.  
  • Our company offers marketing support such as presentations, and market share studies, based on our experience with your product, we create visuals and artwork, for advertising pages, promotional materials, social media and websites. To sum it up, everything to make your product talk to your customers.  
  • Our company offers clients the establishment of an international export business through an experienced sales team covering markets all over the world. 

Our main showroom-office is located in New York City, with a warehouse facility in the USA. to service domestic clients, and another in the Netherlands to serve other geographic regions.


For partnership and business inquiries please email at petitebeaute@desirefragrance.net  or contact us forms in corporate website www.desirefragrances.net/contact-us-1 or web shop www.petitebeaute.com/contact